Sixth Form Tutors

The Role of the Sixth Form Tutor 


Abbey Grange Sixth Form recognises the importance of giving all students excellent pastoral support, care and guidance throughout their studies. 


The Director of Sixth Form and the Assistant Achievement Directors, along with the team of Sixth Form Tutors, are responsible for all Sixth Form students, overseeing academic progress and pastoral care. 


A Sixth Form Tutor’s roleis central in both caring for students and, crucially, monitoring theirprogress both academically and socially; encouraging involvement, commitment,and high standards of work and behaviour. Sixth Form Tutors are there to guidestudents towards a successful future. 


Upon entry into the Sixth Form, each student is allocated a Sixth Form Tutor with whom they will register and liaise with daily. The Sixth Form Tutor will provide on-going support and guidance throughout the Sixth Form and will act as the first port of call for general or personal issues that may have an impact on academic progress. 


The Sixth Form Tutor will monitor attendance and punctuality, contacting parents where appropriate. They will work closely with students, not only to improve understanding, but also to help students build confidence and develop as socially responsible young people.


Whilst it is recognised that all members of staff, including non-teaching staff, have a part to play in the pastoral care of the students, a clearly defined system of communication is necessary in order to ensure that essential information is disseminated, and appropriate action taken. 


A Sixth Form Tutor should: 


Be a role model to students 
Set the “tone” for the day, by creating a positive ethos, establishing good working relationships and developing both a Tutor Group and Sixth Form identity 
Encourage high standards of work, behaviour and dress in students 
Promote, maintain and monitor the official records of attendance and punctuality ensuring formal paperwork regarding attendance is accurate and recorded 
Contacting parents where appropriate, recording any form of communication on Arbor 
Actively encourage participation in daily acts of worship including Form prayers and assemblies 
Deliver a weekly Tutorial period and participate in its development, evaluation and production of resources 
Be aware of external influences and issues regarding students within the Tutor Group 
Encourage students to take advantage of all the opportunities, both academic and social, when offered 
Follow through concern sand issues about learning and effort, when necessary, in consultation with the Director of Sixth Form and / or the Assistant Achievement Directors 
Discuss career and higher education ambitions and advise 
To guide students through the UCAS process – checking personal statements and completing references for students   


"So, continue encouraging each other and building each other up, just like you are doing already."


1Thessalonians 5:11