Academy Day

The Abbey Grange day has 5 periods adding up to a 25 period week.  The school day begins at 8.25am, and ends at 3.00pm. The pattern of the day is:

  • 8am: Gates Open
  • 8.25am: Gates Close
  • 8:30am - 8:50am: Morning Registration and Form Time
  • 8.50am - 9.50am: Period 1 for All Students
  • 9:50am - 10:50am: Period 2 for All Students
  • 10.50am -11.15am: Break for All Students
  • 11.15am -12.15pm: Period 3 for All Students
  • 12.15pm - 1.15pm: Period 4 for All Students
  • 1.15pm - 2.00pm: Lunch
  • 2.00pm - 3.00pm: Period 5 for All Students

It is worth noting that the school is physically open for students from 8.00am until 4pm although some clubs and fixtures can run until 5 or 6pm. This means the academy can often be open to students for 45 hours.

Off-Site Guidance

Sixth Form students are permitted to be off the school site during the school day at allocated times. This is to offer more flexibility and responsibility to students as they prepare for independent life after leaving school.


However, safeguarding remains the top priority and so the following guidance is in place to ensure that students and staff are clear about procedures and expectations:


Student ID badges

All sixth form students have a school ID badge that allows them access to and from the site. These must be worn at all times to identify students who attend Abbey Grange Sixth Form.



Students have the option to leave the school site to take their lunch break elsewhere. They must sign out using Inventry if they choose to do this and are due to return to school for lesson 5. Food purchased from shops or take-away outlets cannot be brought back onto the school premises but may be eaten outside the Hibret entrance.


Study sessions

On occasions, students will have supervised study sessions allocated on their timetable where they must sign into a study session to be taken in school. All study sessions must be attended within the Sixth Form study areas. If a student would like to study elsewhere, such as in the Art block, they must ask a member of the Sixth Form Leadership Team who will decide alongside staff in the other areas, depending on the space available and the supervision required.


Free sessions

Where there are lesson sessions not allocated, these are ‘free’ sessions and students can leave site for these sessions to study at home once they have been allowed permitted absence. Students must sign out of school for these using Inventry so we know who is present in the building. If they choose to study in school during a free session, they may use the study facilities available.


Activities within the school day

In all free sessions which are taken off site, students should not arrange any other activities, such as driving lessons or part-time work without permission from the Director of Sixth Form. Staff can ask for students to attend school in the free sessions with no notice if there is work to complete or concerns about progress or well-being. There may also be a long-term arrangement to bring a student into school for all sessions.


Conduct off site

If a student is off-site during the school day, they are expected to conduct themselves in line with the same high expectations and behaviour as required by all school policies