Abbey Grange Sixth Form: PRAISE System

At Abbey Grange Sixth Form we are committed to supporting students to achieve their full potential. Integral to this process is celebrating student achievement through hard work and determination. Teachers will ensure that they provide ongoing personalised support and positive feedback during lessons.


PRAISE Rewards System


At Abbey Grange Sixth Form, we want our students to be proud of their achievements, both in terms of their academic progress and performance, but also, we recognise and value the many areas that students succeed in that go beyond their academic studies. 


Our PRAISE rewards system acknowledges the achievements of our students and their contributions to the Sixth Form, the school and to the wider community. We reward students to recognise and appreciate their high standards of performance and have designed our praise and reward system to try and allow all students, regardless of their talent or ability to perform highly in one or more of the following categories;



Sixth Form students are rewarded both formally and informally in several different ways. Students can receive emails from teaching staff and Subject Leaders, along with postcards home and letters celebrating success from the Director of Sixth Form. 


In addition, students who receive postcards and/or letters home from the Director of Sixth Form will be entered into a termly ‘prize draw’ and have the opportunity to win vouchers from a variety of organisations.